Money Empire

Is it true that 0 investment has high returns?


Entrepreneurship is to enable oneself and family to live a better life.

Starting a company and renting a storefront can take at least tens of thousands of dollars to get started. Nowadays, the entrepreneurial environment is harsh, costs are rising, taxes are heavy, and projects with large investment, long cycles, high risks, and many uncertain factors have never been my pursuit.

I prefer short and fast projects that have less investment, clear profit models, fast turnover, and easy money making, which are good entrepreneurial projects.

(1) Tip: Novel Money Making Techniques

We usually have the habit of reading novels, especially with the rise of online novels. Many people take out their phones to read novels to pass the time when they have nothing to do. Whether you take the bus or the subway, you will see many people around you reading novels on their phones. It can be said that novels have become a very mature industry now, and people are more willing to pay for reading exciting novels. They have developed the habit of paying for reading.

At the moment when the novel is wonderful, it is gone. You need to click on the original text and pay to recharge before you can continue to read it. If it is a very attractive novel, many people are willing to pay to continue to read it, so now many official account are doing this kind of novel promotion.

These novels are sent by the novel platform to these WeChat official account, which can be accessed by official account

80% -90% of the profit share, that is, recharge 100 yuan, and you can get it from the official account

80-90 yuan. If the official account has 10000 fans, a novel can earn about 900000 yuan. The more fans, the more money. If you have a WeChat official account and have no better liquidation mode, you can also choose this kind of liquidation project, and the return is OK.

If you don't have a official account and want to do the project of novel cash conversion, it is also possible. You can send links to WeChat groups, QQ groups, circle of friends, etc. There is a little brother in my circle who does this. Every day, he adds various WeChat groups, QQ groups, and then sends the links to novels. Every day, many people recharge. The key is that you have to stick to it. The more groups you promote, the more money you earn.

Everyone can do this project. If you have a official account, you can do official account. If you don't have a official account, you can do QQ and WeChat groups. You can also do Baidu Know, Baidu Read, and so on. You can also do comment promotion on these novel platforms, such as Palm Reading, Startupbootchinese, and so on. In short, if you find a promotion channel that suits you, you can also make money!

There are many novel platforms on the internet, but be sure to find reliable ones that do not limit your traffic. Some platforms may indeed block your traffic, so please keep your eyes open!

(2) Tip: Self media, you can earn over 10000 yuan per month!

1. Earn advertising revenue from self media platforms

This is easy to understand. The more people you post articles, videos, and watch, the higher the advertising revenue. Today's headline costs 2-4 yuan to play and read for 10000 yuan, and the original content can reach 20-30 yuan,

That is to say, a video played for 200000 yuan can earn a maximum of 500 to 600 yuan, and Baidu Baijia account can read and play for 10000 yuan, which can reach 20-30 yuan. This is still non original income, and if it is original, it is even higher. If you need to make money from platform advertising fees, these two platforms are good and fun. Playing with precision and specialization is a natural way to make money.

As for what to do, it still needs to start from one's own resources and interests. One of my fans is an animation designer who creates his own original small animation videos every day. After a few days, he passes his beginner's stage. I told him that if you combine some online jokes with your animation, the results will definitely be excellent. We have all seen small videos with cross talk animations, and the effects should not be too good. If you persist, it will definitely explode. Is it still difficult to make money? Perhaps there are animation or design companies coming to you for cooperation.

Another fan originally intended to create a financial account, but later learned about his personal situation and discovered that his girlfriend had opened a dance studio. Isn't this a better resource? Can a video of some customers dancing in the studio be posted, correcting the movements of the dance, pointing out the essentials of the dance, suggesting from the perspective of ordinary people what dance to dance, what dance to do to lose weight, and even making the video into a weight loss topic, hip beauty topic, etc., not be popular? Can the playback volume not be high? Identify a field and delve deeper into it, and you will be the next big headline.

Some people may say, 'I don't have these resources, I don't know how to write, I don't have culture, can I do self media?'? We do self media, not to make you write essays, nor to make you a writer. We are all ordinary people, and no one has much higher culture than others! We do self media to create content, not to let you write content. What is creation? It's just about utilizing the endless resources on the internet, identifying a field, and then editing articles and videos in that field into one's own, and posting them on self media platforms. That's all. Millions of big names on self media also do the same. Whether you can do it or not depends entirely on whether you want to do it and whether you have the desire to make money. There are also people in my internal circle who haven't graduated from elementary school and haven't written two essays since childhood. They can still earn over ten thousand yuan per month on self media, and now they are planning to build a team to expand. Once you get started and find the skills, making money is inevitable.
Someone else told me, teacher, I have posted many articles and videos, but not many people have read them, just a few hundred. What I want to tell you is that doing anything, any industry, has its own way and skills. You don't study anything, don't make plans, just copy two garbage articles from other places and put them on. It's strange for someone to read them. Keywords, hotspots, tags, titles, and so on are technical things that you cannot do well in self media without researching and mastering. Reading and playing for hundreds of thousands or millions of others is a summary of successful experiences based on how many pitfalls and losses you have experienced. If you want to burst into writing at the beginning, it's just a fantasy. I suggest you study more, read more successful articles from others, and learn more. If you don't understand the same sentence, then go study. Learning is the best shortcut to making money.

2. Attract to WeChat to make money by selling products

On today's headlines, there are many videos introducing a certain health knowledge or industry, with the ultimate goal of attracting users to their WeChat account and making money through transactions on WeChat. Because all the fans who come are precise, the transaction rate is extremely high. In my internal circle, there are people who make hair loss products and weight loss products. Playing a video of 10000 yuan can bring at least 100+precise fans, and at least 10 transactions can be made. The profit of each order is at least 200 yuan, and 10 transactions is a net profit of 2000 yuan. This is just an effect brought by a video. What he does every day is to hire 2-3 little girls, search for videos of various related products online, edit them into his own, upload them in large quantities to their respective media platforms, and wait for them to complete transactions and ship on WeChat.

Making money is sometimes as simple as finding the right method and connecting the entire process of making money. Making money is an automated process, not as difficult as you think.

I often have fans who add me to WeChat and say that they have products on hand and don't know how to sell them. If they want to cooperate with me, using self media to attract transactions is the best way. There's no need to cooperate with me, and I can't cooperate either!

It's really a bonus period for self media now, and various restrictions are not very strict. Taking advantage of this wave of dividends, it's not difficult to operate a product well and make some money.

3. Self media Taobao customer (self media e-commerce)

Nowadays, both Toutiao account and Baijia account have opened product functions, and you can add links to products such as Tmall,, and Amazon in the article. If you make a purchase, you will receive profits. An article that reads 10000 yuan can earn around 200 to 500 yuan in revenue, which is also a good monetization channel. Many people who used to work on WeChat group Taobao have switched to self media because WeChat has too many restrictions now, and everyone is tired and immune to the coupons sent every day in the group. Selling products through articles is definitely a major trend in the future of self media. As long as you edit articles well and choose attractive products, you can make money.

4. Making Money from Self operated Advertising Orders

This method is the least technical, dumbest, and dumbest way to make money, but the prerequisite is that your headline account has a huge reading and playback volume, opens self operated advertisements, and goes to some order receiving platforms or QQ groups to receive advertisements. However, I really do not recommend this method of making money. With this advertising position, what are your selling points? It's really no good. Your entire official account can also be channeled to official account! There's really no need to help others sell! That's too low! It's also a harm to your fans!

(3) Tip: Utilize popular online drama resources to make money

Recently, there have been many popular online dramas on various video platforms, such as "Chasing the Murderers in the White Night", "Unlicensed Crime", "Anti Black", "Apostle 2", and so on. Don't miss out on any of these popular dramas, as each one has over a billion views. If you want to say that the current online dramas are really good, with the backbone of American dramas, much stronger than those junk soap operas broadcasted by TV stations, so most people now go after online dramas.

We know that platforms like Youku and iQiyi do not release these popular online dramas all at once. Generally, one episode is broadcasted every day, and VIP members can watch this week's dramas first. Therefore, this gives us some business opportunities. Because some people may not be willing to play that role

VIP members have not yet developed the habit of paying to watch TV dramas, so our opportunity to make money is here!

Operating steps:

1. Find resources

As you can see, there are many resource sellers on Taobao, which are not expensive. For 2-3 yuan, we can get the latest episodes as soon as possible. Even VIP viewers can get the resources as soon as possible.

If you don't want to spend these 2-3 yuan, it's okay. You can go to Sina Weibo or Baidu Tieba to find resources. Many free resources can be found, but we need to take time to find them because some may be deceiving people, so it's easier to buy them on Taobao instead of looking for them ourselves.

2. Promotion resources

You can promote your resources on your own social media and WeChat groups. For example, if there is a complete episode of a popular online drama by someone, there will definitely be a lot of people looking for you. Just add more WeChat groups and keep posting them every day. These customers are the ones you will maintain for a long time in the future. Because it's not just this drama, they will come to you for any new blockbusters or online dramas in the future. Don't set the price too high, because your product is cost free, so small profits and quick sales make others willing to deal with you for a long time. As long as the online drama is updated, you can send out resources as soon as possible, making people believe that you are someone who can get first-hand resources, and your clients will have long-term cooperation with you in the future!

(4) Tip: How to Make a Monthly Profit of 100000 RMB for Shipping on September 9th

We often see 9.9 packages of products on a certain platform, and sometimes we often wonder, can merchants still make money even if the price is so low and the package is still available? What exactly is he plotting? In fact, merchants are not fools. They not only make money, but also make a lot of money. I will analyze it for everyone.

We often see that the 9.9 package of succulent plants has a considerable sales volume, with monthly sales of tens of thousands of items. So what is the actual cost? Open Alibaba and it's clear at a glance. The cost is around 2.5 yuan, and with the cost of express delivery controlled at around 3 yuan, the total cost is around 5.5 yuan, with a profit of around 4.5 yuan. Selling 20000 items in a month is a profit of around 90000 yuan. It seems like an inconspicuous item, but once the quantity is increased, the profit is still considerable.

T-shirts with a shipping package of 9.9 are also commonly seen on a certain platform, and their sales are also very high. It is not a problem to have monthly sales of thousands or tens of thousands of items. What is the cost price on Alibaba? You can get it for around 4 yuan, plus a shipping cost of 3 yuan. The profit for a T-shirt is around 3 yuan, and 10000 pieces is a profit of 30000 yuan. Moreover, T-shirts are rarely purchased alone, and many people are likely to place orders together when they see other favorite items in the store. This not only saves profits of 3 yuan, but also enhances the store's reputation through this popular selling method, Afterwards, it is easy to achieve good sales for any product.

Although the competition for clothing and plant-based products is quite fierce on a certain treasure, I believe that as long as you operate well, you can still achieve good results. Never say no to yourself, and you will do what others can do successfully. Learn more from competitors, and peers are the best teachers!

(5) Call: POS machine

Nowadays, there are advertisements for free delivery of POS machines everywhere, including free shipping, and some even charge 99% deposits. The reason why so many merchants give away POS machines for free is to earn money from your backend. After you swipe your card to cash out, they will make a certain profit, usually five tenths of a thousand. Therefore, the more POS machines are sent out, the more money they will make in the future. If 10000 units are sent out, the monthly income is also terrifying, ranging from 50000 to 200000 yuan. But now the competition for POS machines is too fierce, and it's not likely that anyone wants them for free. Moreover, some card users may use your own POS machine, but tomorrow they may use someone else's, so their loyalty is still poor.

(6) Tip: Fingertip gyroscope $4 package for shipping to the United States

Many people should have played with a small object in their hands during boredom, which is inconspicuous but loved by foreigners. The purchase price on Alibaba is 5-10 yuan, with different materials and prices. We can sell it on Wish, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. My friend does $4 package shipping to the United States, with a logistics cost of $1-2, and can earn around 10 yuan. However, the daily shipment volume is huge, with hundreds of orders at the worst, earning 800 yuan. At the best, there are thousands of orders. The most impressive person in China is the one who can ship tens of thousands of orders in a day, and the profits are terrifying.

Many people will definitely question this when they see it. You are boasting and pushing, sending thousands of orders a day, and Taobao is not selling as well! Yes, because your eyes are only focused on Taobao, you can take a look on Wish. Many Taobao sellers have switched to Wish and sell things on Taobao to foreigners. A store has more than ten thousand orders in a day, and a thousand orders are insignificant to them. You can't imagine how much foreigners like Chinese characters' beautiful and cheap things, and most importantly, the popularity of online shopping by foreigners is much higher than that of Chinese people, Just go to the bathroom and place an order!

Some people may question, are you crazy about sending $1- $2 package to the United States? TM domestic express still costs 10 yuan! Yes, if you don't look or understand, you will never know there are many things you don't know. On Wish, there is a $2 package for shipping to the United States, and on AliExpress, there is also a $1-2 package for logistics. Baidu Package for Shipping to the United States can see many cheap logistics. Just because you don't know something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If you look and understand more, you will find that there is much more in the world than you know. Don't limit your vision to the sky you only see.....

Divergent thinking can actually do many things, and one can think from the following points:

1. What do foreigners like

2. What is it that foreigners don't have

3. What is it that foreigners have and we are cheap

(7) Tip: Sell the King's Glory Wallet to Southeast Asian Kings

Honor can be said to be a household name in China, and anyone who has nothing will play two games. This thing is also very popular in Southeast Asia, do you know?

A Facebook account in Malaysia, he sells King of Glory's peripheral wallet in Malaysia, with a shipping fee of RM35+RM15.

What is the profit margin for Alibaba, who can get the purchase price of 8-15 yuan?

35 MYR+15 MYR=50 MYR=78 RMB

Logistics around Southeast Asia 10-20 RMB

So the profit is: 78-15-15=58 RMB

A wallet earns 58, and you know it sells at least a hundred in a day, which is the profit of 5800. You should know that these neighboring countries in Southeast Asia are also countries with a very high coverage of Chinese people, so there must be a demand for popular domestic products, and the key is whether you can find such a demand.

(8) Move: Feng Shui Money Making Method

Let me first talk about the WeChat Feng Shui method of making money,

Later, I will talk about how to make money through WeChat Feng Shui training.

Firstly, search for the word feng shui on the Himalayas, and then click on the user to see who has the most fans. People with over 10000 followers belong to those who do well.

Find their QQ number, WeChat number, and mobile phone number immediately, search online, and add their QQ number and WeChat number with your own account.

After adding this number, if you want to see whose avatar is Niubi, copy whose avatar, whose friend circle is Niubi, copy whose friend circle is Niubi, and whose picture is Niubi, copy whose picture is Niubi.

For those with strong economic capabilities, recruit one PS personnel and two planners.

Start planning how to create your own circle of friends.

This step can be completed in up to three days. It's best to start a business with your girlfriend.

It's too tiring to work alone, but it's easier to work with a few people.

But my experience is that as a boss, you can only rely on yourself. I can't rely on others.

Next is the issue of traffic.

I have seen a child who is a feng shui bully. He is a master of soft writing, and he only pays attention to ghost stories on the horizon every day, and it is also a luxury mansion ghost story.

To be honest, I hate this kind of ghost story the most because currently, I live in a luxurious mansion, which is no longer stinky and beautiful. I will continue to tell this gentle child.

I search for ghost stories every day on Tianya Fengshui, starting from Chinese website, Yuewen Group, and Tencent Literature. There are thousands of ghost stories in the collection folder, which are constantly collected and updated every day. After the update, I found two children born in the 1990s and updated them on Weibo, Tieba, Tianya, and novel websites every day. Then, I left my own QQ account and WeChat account. Show people feng shui, and once it's done, it's only 298 yuan.

Because he writes ghost stories every day, many girls like to read them, especially those with money and nothing to do. They become so restless that they read this ghost story every day, so stop marketing. So I asked him to see if there were any feng shui issues with my mansion, and he was always suspicious.

Even if you want to know if your husband cheated on you, you can ask him and he becomes a semi immortal. Every day, he can make more than ten feng shui orders, and even get a few thousand yuan.

Besides writing ghost stories, he also chats with these clients. After chatting with these customers, I casually care and guide them, which is called chasing sales and earning thousands or even thousands of dollars.

In fact, for wealthy people, a few thousand yuan is not much, just to buy peace of mind, and that's what he earns.

Now, he has bought all the information about feng shui mentioned on Taobao, including books and videos, studied it every day, and then told his clients every day.

Writing this kind of ghost story soft article every day, with more people, his income has skyrocketed.

According to this brother, he has now contacted an offline feng shui store and is ready to land.

Actually, this brother only learned how to make money through WeChat Feng Shui three years ago

However, I can tell you that the most powerful way for feng shui to make money is to create your own circle of friends and then promote them.

How is the promotion of Moments done? It's just spending 500 yuan per day for paid promotion.

It's that simple.

Throwing out 500 yuan usually earns over 5000 yuan, but there is still a 10 times profit.

(9) Call: Free lottery, 100% winning

The slogan is "Everyone can draw a prize for free, 100% win the prize, and the prize is free

This project can be operated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, second and third tier cities, counties, and even rural townships. As long as you do it, the daily profit will generally not be less than 800 yuan. If you don't just want to do it, the profit will definitely not exceed 1 yuan.

On a certain day this year, when I went out as usual to search for business opportunities, I saw a hot scene where I was holding a lottery. I went to take a look and found a lottery box on a table. There were three types of lottery tickets: soup pot, soup spoon, and shampoo. The lottery is free, and prizes such as soup pots and spoons will be given away for free. If shampoo is drawn, it will cost 15 yuan to purchase.

Because the lottery is free and there are many participants, I watched it for 10 minutes, of which 13 were drawn from a soup bowl or spoon, and 6 were drawn from shampoo. Later, I specifically went to the local wholesale market to take a look. They used shampoo for lottery wholesale for 6 yuan, soup spoons wholesale for over 1 yuan, and soup pots wholesale for 1 yuan.

So I studied this project, which mainly takes advantage of people's desire for small and cheap things, because everyone wants free things, and people generally believe that buying a bottle of shampoo costs more than ten yuan, even if unfortunately you get a shampoo, you won't lose much. Moreover, I saw so many people taking away spoons or soup bowls for free, so I couldn't help but try my luck.

As long as the probability of getting shampoo is well controlled, then those who engage in this activity will have a profit to make. The probability of getting shampoo is low, and even if the profit is small, they may lose money; If it gets higher, there will be fewer people coming to the lottery, so the key to this project is to control the probability.

Can it be done? It's only after trying that I know. Let's innovate and change some new styles. I wholesale four products: umbrellas (wholesale for 6 yuan), chopsticks (wholesale for 1.2 yuan), soup spoons (wholesale for 1 yuan), and soup pots (wholesale for 1.1 yuan). Then, the winning rate was controlled at 40% for umbrellas, 25% for chopsticks, 25% for soup spoons, and 10% for soup pots. Each time, I put 300 lottery tickets into the lottery box, bought 10 yuan for umbrellas, and took away the rest for free. If all the money is drawn, it will be quite profitable: 120X4-150-30=300 yuan. Based on this probability, I won't lose anything at all. In the eyes of the lottery winner, umbrellas are already worth 10 yuan, so my motivation should be relatively high.

To be on the safe side, I found a dozen or so young people as vests to boost popularity and randomly placed the lottery box near a certain vegetable market in Nanshan. As expected, many people responded by adding lottery tickets three times a day, and when I came back, I made a profit of over 900 yuan. It cost me over 100 yuan to invite a few vests out for a meal (they started working together and delayed a few minutes).

You can think about it, not only in cities, but also in rural markets. Would there be more aunts, aunts, and grandmothers participating, and would their enthusiasm be higher?

I turned around and thought about it again. This project can still be optimized by doing it at the exit of the supermarket. The difference is that we have two lottery boxes, one with umbrellas, chopsticks, spoons, and soup pots as the lottery tickets, and the other with red wine, garbage bags, and plastic wrap as the lottery tickets. You can participate in the lottery of the first box with a supermarket receipt, while shopping at the supermarket for 39 yuan or more is enough to participate in the lottery of the second box. People think it's a supermarket activity, and participation is even more active. Of course, my profit is also greater.

(10) Recruitment: XX Supplies Store

Total initial investment: 600 (rent+deposit)+1500 (purchase)

Monthly return: A stable net profit of around 2000 yuan, which is not much higher than that unless you are particularly passionate about your time and energy. As long as you have someone sitting there, spend more than 2 hours a day, without delaying work and rest, without the need for sales promotion, just sit and wait for customers to come.

Do you feel a bit moved by what I said? Have you started to ponder in your heart? Haha, but you may not really do it. Speaking it out can short-circuit your cerebellum for a second or two

Purchasing: In every city's pharmaceutical wholesale market, there are generally wholesale markets available.

Location: Village in the city, remote locations are fine, and rent is generally cheap, not exceeding 300. No need for a large facade,

Put three shelves, 5 square meters is enough, and people can still live in the back. The entire shopping process will not exceed 2 minutes, and the vast majority of customers will not bargain with you.

It is best to live in a village where young people live, and our target customers are mainly young people. For example, in Guangzhou, Huangcun, Tangxia, Tangdong, Xiancun, Dongpu, Zhucun, and so on, there are tens of thousands of young people living in such a large area, so you understand

Sales: Just started, you can go to other stores to inquire about how much the other party sells, or ask people in the wholesale market.

Business hours: Starting from dark -11:00 pm to 12:00 pm. So, if you go to work, it won't take up your time.

Area: Within 10 square meters. People live in front of the store and behind it, so you don't even need to rent a house.

Rent: around 200, usually not exceeding 300.

Sales: About 3000 yuan, divided into peak and off-season.

Cost: 7-8% of sales, less than 400 yuan.

Electricity and internet fees: around 100, only a small amount.

Villages in the city only pay a rent and no other fees.

A minimum of 2000 yuan per month can still be guaranteed, mainly for selling things at night, with no more than 10 people entering every day.

The advantage of this project is that it can be done part-time without delaying daytime tasks. The remote location of the store is fine, as long as someone knows such a place.

It's really not possible. Can you hang a small cardboard to show the way at the intersection. Everyone can be your potential customers, as long as they come in, hehe, they will directly sell without bargaining with you, which is easy to worry about and labor-saving. Four or five people in a day is enough. You can verify it yourself and see if there are any stores of this type that are lower than this number.

Disadvantages, there's only one, are you blushing? Are you willing to do it? Hey, hey!

(11) Tip: Ideas for Selling Weight Loss Products

1. Go to weight loss related forums, find the 20 most popular posts, and organize the questions and answers inside

2. Adapt these materials to make them easier to read. Organize the e-books and insert them into our Taobao customer soft text. Attention, don't just add advertisements with time, be sure to add other elements. At the very least, there should be an introduction, effectiveness, and user experience of this weight loss product.

These can be found in the product's Taobao storefront. Give e-books a tempting name, so that those who want to lose weight can see the name and have a desire to get the e-book. Leave your contact information in the e-book, preferably QQ, which allows for real-time communication and is convenient for future sales

3. Post or message on various weight loss forums, blogs, groups, etc. to attract customers who want to lose weight to contact you

4. Give your e-book as a free gift to every customer and record their QQ number. You should know that these customers will be your future 'ATM'.

5. Consult with customers about the effectiveness, record their purchase status after receiving the e-book, record the information of customers who have purchased it in the database, and track other weight loss products from customers who have already purchased them. For example, weight loss tea, slimming clothes

6. Continuously repeat 345 to expand the database.

By using this method, newcomers can achieve a monthly profit of 10000 in a short period of time (usually around a month), and as long as the database is large enough and your sales ability is strong enough, the higher the income you can earn, with almost no upper limit.

I spent a month building a database of about 1500 people, which is about Beijing's urban white-collar MM whitening. Using e-books and soft text promotion, about 550 people purchased the products I promoted, earning an average commission of 40 yuan per person. That month, I earned over 20000 yuan!

After the database is established, there is no need to spend too much effort, as long as regular sales promotion and follow-up are sufficient. And these customers can be repeatedly promoted, they are your ATM!

Now there is a student who has over 3000 female groups in his hands. If he has nothing to do, he can chat in the group and earn hundreds of dollars a day.

(12) Tip: Group Buying Online Empty handed White Wolf

Group buying websites were very, very popular in 2011.

Sales of tens of thousands of items can be seen everywhere.

Some virtual products even sell hundreds of thousands of units.

Now let me give an example of how to use "varicose vein socks" to cover a white wolf with empty hands.

Firstly, everyone can open a group buying navigation website and search for 'varicose veins'


Based on the ranking of transaction volume, there are two sales of 15000 pairs, with most sales exceeding 1500 pairs.

Based on the price, the group purchase price is basically between 38-89, selling very well.

Office female white-collar workers are very interested in these weight loss, slimming, and beauty products


You can search for wholesale prices on Alibaba online again, and you can find very, very good sources of goods for 18 yuan.

The profit per pair is between 20-70 yuan,

Based on the average sales volume of 2000 pairs of this product, the profit can be imagined.

If you put varicose vein socks on the group buying website, operate it a bit, and sell it out

1000 pairs, is it difficult?

Wait until there is sales volume, then go ahead and purchase. Once the goods come back, ship them immediately and wait to receive them

Style it.

There are still many products of this type, how can we find them?

It's not just a matter of taking for granted which product you think is good to sell. First, go to group buying websites and Taobao to see. Sales must at least exceed 1000 units!


Good sales and high Baidu index indicate that the product is selling well and consumers have accepted and recognized it

The economy is very high.

Which do you choose between something that is very easy to sell or something that no one knows?

In summary, products with sufficient profit margin and good sales volume,

What will happen when relying on high traffic platforms?

(13) Tip: Write a number game

In places where there are many young people such as factory brothers and sisters (such as the densely packed factories outside Shenzhen), after work or on weekends, set up one or two long small tables to gather popularity, and divide people into three or four categories, ranging from 1 to 300. These 300 numbers are not limited to time, as long as you write them all correctly. If you make a mistake, give you four strings of unique and diverse honey wax beads, Just spend ten yuan to buy two fragrant beads. This fragrant bead was particularly popular last year, and many street vendors sold it well for 5 yuan each (in fact, when you look online, the purchase price is only between 0.7 and 0.78 yuan)

Who can't write 300 numbers? Anyone who has attended the second grade of elementary school will. So many young people playing such a simple game together, as well as the honey wax fragrant beads with a market price of 20 yuan, it's just a free gift. Put yourself in your shoes and think, will you go?

But I want to tell you, don't underestimate such a simple game. Under normal circumstances, 90% of people will make mistakes, and 50% of people will make mistakes before writing 100. Not to mention in such a noisy environment, it's even harder to calm down.

I initially thought this probability was unbelievable. I tried it out with many people, but there was nothing wrong. I found an absolutely quiet atmosphere and wrote five times, with the most one writing over 260 but still making mistakes. If you don't believe it, you can also give it a try.

Even if they make a mistake, they would still find it worth the money if they spent 10 yuan to buy such beautiful strings of fragrant beads. Excluding the part-time salary and the cost of incense beads for one or two young girls who organize to play games, there will be no other expenses. You can calculate the profit yourself. If you divide it into three groups per hour, there will be about 50 people who can participate in this game.

You can also find other prizes, such as T-shirts, clothing workshops in Humen and Dalang in Dongguan, inventory markets in Wuai and Meihu in Yiwu, Zhejiang, and even items sold per kilogram. Spending money to find sources of goods is the simplest and easiest way to handle it. It takes a bit of thinking to earn money.

Whether the operability is strong or not, whether the investment is large or not, whether the risk is high or not, and how the return is relative to the investment, whether it is reliable or not, I believe you will make a judgment on your own.

Title (14): Domain Name Trading

You can first open the website "www.linshuhao. com".

The owner of this domain name is a software engineer from Guangzhou.

After searching his personal information step by step based on the domain name, I will find an opportunity to

He has had morning tea once.

He registered Lin Shuhao's domain name at the end of May 2011, and at that time, almost no one knew about Lin Shuhao.

With Lin Shuhao's heroic performance in 2012, he became a popular figure worldwide. The bidding price for this domain name had already exceeded 300000 yuan in March 2012.

If Lin Shuhao grows into an NBA All Star in the future, the domain name will also appreciate to several million yuan. What is the cost of a domain name?

Registering a domain name and adding space costs around 100 yuan per year.

Nowadays, its price has skyrocketed more than three thousand times.

For example, ultra short domain names

The domain name was sold for 110000 yuan in 2006.

After several changes, in June 2010, online investor Cai Wensheng took over for 5 million yuan.

After 6 months, Sell it to Sina Weibo for no less than 8 million yuan

Cai Wensheng has been specializing in domain name trading since 2000.

He doesn't have a team or company, he invests in similar short-term projects.

But his personal annual profit is no less than that of a medium-sized listed company.

Of course, like Such an opportunity is out of reach.

Register or acquire a domain name, hold it, wait for appreciation opportunities, reach an appropriate high level, and then

Take action.

(15) Tip: Focus on Money Making Methods

I have conducted entrepreneurship training, investment and wealth management, love training, lottery agency, feng shui, traditional Chinese medicine health care, live streaming on the internet, and have also entered the gray circle to earn money from gray projects. I have also sold books, conducted bidding, conducted SEO, and engaged in soft marketing. I have also worked on decorating websites. Do you make money?

Are you making money? Have you made a few hundred million? No, have you ever made big money!

In summary, the reason why there is no great wealth and wealth is that this person is too smart. I always enjoy changing projects and doing many things. For example, we engage in training, virtual currency investment, and self media. Therefore, income did not skyrocket.

That is, if we really want to become wealthy. We only have one way out, choose a just needed project, which has a huge market, and then focus on this project for the rest of our lives. In this way, we can become wealthy and wealthy. Perhaps in just six months, our income will double ten times.

This market is large enough, and I also love this project. Interested parties can learn to focus on two words from my words and phrases.

(16) Move: Enduring War Money Making Method

Making money on the internet may seem like just running a WeChat account, but in reality, it's actually doing business. Since we are in business, of course, prolonged warfare is very important. Why? Because shopping malls are like battlefields, who can survive and who can make money.

The bad boy team makes billions a year. A certain wave can make millions a year, and a certain truth can also make millions a year, which is to lock in the love training market.

People like us, although not as fierce as them, can still earn millions a year with just one WeChat and QQ account. Why did you give up so easily? Later on, I came into contact with many people and became enlightened. It was only then that I realized that even when people were poor, they couldn't have enough to eat. We talked to him about a lasting war. This is something on a spiritual level, and what he wants is food. Therefore, he cannot make a fortune.

There are many people who have invested in projects and internet violence projects, hundreds and thousands of them. Those who truly make money are always focused on one project until they die. This is the essence of prolonged warfare, which means that if you don't have the patience to work on a project for more than three months, I suggest you take a nap. What I like to say the most about myself is that I work steadfastly, don't think so much, you and I are not fellow travelers.

One more point to clarify. If you really want to make money through the internet, please follow a teacher steadfastly, follow anyone at will, but only one teacher, and then work on a project steadfastly.

The secret of profiteering

Any entrepreneur's nature is to make huge profits through a mindset, a technology, a product or service, or a business model, and everything else is nonsense. And people in this world fundamentally do not want to live a cheap life, and they all want to live a valuable life, especially for the wealthy. This indicates that our logic of profiteering is smooth and in line with the human nature of the market.

So, the first way to make a huge profit is to serve people who have the ability to pay the bill. People who do not have the ability to pay, even if you try to calculate them, they will not be able to pay, and it will be a useless performance.

Our business logic is that selling cheap things expensive is called skill, and selling expensive things cheap is called waste. The company has such business personnel who are fired early and sell goods for every penny, and they are not worth praising. Here's the key, how to sell something expensive? Mainly by creating a brand new understanding in products or services, the attributes of goods are changed.

For example, Haagen Dazs ice cream can sell for 300 yuan per piece. Many people say, isn't it just an ice cream, an ice cream? It's worth around 15 yuan, why did someone spend 300 yuan to buy it? The secret is that he changed the attributes of the product. His slogan is: Love her, treat her to Haagen Dazs! He doesn't sell ice cream, he sells love for her. Two young couples, the man had to pay 300 yuan to show his love for his daughter, just like I bought a few hundred yuan of flowers for a woman. These flowers may only be worth 30 yuan, but what I bought was not flowers, it was a kind of relationship.

For example, brain platinum, which is not selling 5 yuan worth of sugar syrup, is selling gifts and filial piety to parents, which also gives consumers a new understanding and changes the product attributes. For example, Nike and the imitations produced by shoe factories in Wenzhou have similar quality. Why can only sell for 100 yuan, while Nike sells for 700 to 1000 yuan? For the same reason, Nike doesn't sell shoes, it sells sportsmanship.

Is it related to everyone when I talk about these things? It's too much of a deal. These powerful companies can take over the mindset of selling products and operate our own products. If you use the mindset of setting up a stall to manage your products, you will always be a stall owner. If you use the business logic of these powerful companies to manage your products, you may become bigger.

Nowadays is an era of overcapacity, if you only know how to sell the product itself, it is like selling a Buddha statue that has not been fully opened, which is very cheap for several tens of yuan. And if you use wisdom to shine on your product, your illuminated Buddha statue can be sold for 20003000 yuan.

The Apple phone was made by Foxconn, with a profit margin of only 5%. And Apple is a master at lighting up Apple phones, with a profit margin of 70%.

Small bosses must learn this set of techniques to do their own projects. If you want to become a master of light, you should pay attention to what I am talking about. If you don't want to be a master of light, you should continue to live a down-to-earth life. Being an honest person, one's fate depends entirely on yourself.

(18) Tip: "Special offer" products at the entrance of supermarkets

First of all, this is not my original creation. A few years ago, the person who made this was already the owner of millions of dollars, but it can still be operated in various places.

Find a supermarket in a first or second tier city with a high flow of family members and pay for it. During holidays or weekends, it is calculated on a daily basis, ranging from 200 to 500 yuan. Place a counter at the exit of the supermarket and display a large banner saying "With a supermarket receipt, red wine is on sale, and purchases are limited

Find some nearby cleaning and security queues, creating the illusion of a frenzy of panic buying. There are a few tricks in this:

1. The public follows the trend and loves to watch the excitement. When they see so many people queuing up, they naturally go to see what they are doing.

For example, the salt grab scandal is obviously such a ridiculous thing, but the public's behavior is so crazy that it is unimaginable. Is there still a lack of such examples in the news in recent years?

2. The promotional slogan created by the public's mentality of being greedy for small and cheap goods is "Imported red wine with original prices of 138 or 88, and now with the help of supermarket shopping receipts, there is a special price of 38 or 28," which is so much cheaper at once. Passers by should take a look if they don't buy it

3. By using force and misleading tables placed at the entrance of the supermarket, people may think that it is a promotion or activity carried out by the supermarket, but in fact, it has nothing to do with the supermarket's half a penny. It can also be very effective in leveraging the huge traffic of the supermarket itself.

4. Blind worship of foreign brands. Furniture produced in Dongguan, named Da Vinci, sells for hundreds of thousands and is selling well; Foreign fake diplomas and pheasant universities are so popular in China that I want to apply for a foreign graduation certificate for myself.

Regarding the source of goods, this is not a problem. If you want to find a red wine with a foreign label, don't try anything that you understand. If you stick a label on a bottle that you don't understand, wouldn't your feeling be much different? I have searched online and there are many that meet my requirements. At first, he told me the lowest price of 18, but I said it was not necessary to do so. With a clear attitude, I said no, and several companies in Guangzhou, Qingdao, and Chengdu sent me different sample information and called me every few days, gradually reducing the price to within 10 yuan.

Last Christmas, I saw someone operating like this at Dongmen Sun Department Store. The situation startled me greatly, and it was not an exaggeration. From morning to night, the line was always several hundred meters long. Conservatively speaking, the boss earned around 80000 yuan a day, which is amazing.

In April this year, I found a supermarket in the central area of Futian, the size of Wal Mart and Carrefour, where the flow of people is unspeakably ready to take advantage of the hard days of May Day. The supermarket is also willing to cooperate (he is not willing to send money to him, damn it). But because it is on the occasion of the Universiade this year, all aspects of the management are particularly dead. Only when the Universiade, which is "the world's attention", passes, Panasonic comes to do it again.

(19) Tip: Selling Telescopes

99 yuan package mail telescope, with a wholesale price of 20-30 yuan on Alibaba, logistics costs controlled at 5-8 yuan, and a profit of around 60 yuan per order. In order to improve customer order rates, payment on delivery is generally used, so people will not worry about being deceived and the order rate is extremely high. The key to this project is to control customer acquisition costs and control them within 20 yuan, so this project is stable and not losing! So, just like the telescope, just grasp your customer acquisition cost, making money is inevitable!

(20) Tip: Hair Loss and Growth

Nowadays, people are under great pressure and have irregular lifestyles, so there are a lot of people with hair loss. There is a great demand for this type of product, such as launching an OEM product on Alibaba and advertising on various platforms to control customer acquisition costs better. It is normal to earn 200 to 1000 yuan on a single order. Generally, it is attracted to one's own WeChat account and then make a deal. The same method is also applicable to products such as weight loss, acne removal, and weight gain.

(21) Tip: Make Money on Double Eleven

There is an annual Double 11, remember last year's Double 11 sales? 168.2 billion! Nearly 100 merchants have sold over 100 million yuan, and it's a day's worth of sales. Many merchants may not have had a full year's offline revenue of over 100 million yuan before Double 11, so Double 11 gives them the opportunity to achieve miracles!

Every Double 11, many sellers on Taobao and Tmall point to this day as the day to turn over and become the owner, achieving annual profits. Even for those inconspicuous Taobao C stores, the revenue on this day can still top the annual revenue.

Similarly, many internet practitioners also point to this day as a day to make a lot of money.

A cake worth over 120 billion yuan, even if divided into tens of millions, is still a very considerable income.

So many internet practitioners start preparing early and wait for Double 11 to make a big profit. Last year, I had a lot of unprofessional Taobao customers around me. They earned 40000 or 50000 yuan on the Double 11, and more than 200000 yuan on the same day. That is to use the official account, WeChat group, QQ group, microblog and other channels. Double 11 is not only a sales carnival for merchants, but also an excellent opportunity for us online profiteers to pick up money. As long as you are not stupid, you can make a drumstick money easily, and teach you how to earn some pocket money through Taobao Double 11 every day.

Let's first explain to Xiaobai what Taobao customers are.

In colloquial terms, it refers to someone who helps Taobao sellers promote their products and earn commission money. As long as you obtain the promotion link or QR code of Taobao products, buyers can enter the Taobao store through your (can be called Taobao customers) promotion link to purchase products and confirm payment, and you can earn commissions paid by the seller, with a maximum commission of 50% of the product transaction amount.

During promotion, Taobao customers promote to the outside world, allowing buyers to enter the Taobao store through your promotion link to purchase goods and confirm payment, without any cost investment and without any risk, earning their own profits with zero cost and zero risk.

The coupon group that we often see now is the mainstream form of promotion for Taobao customers. By sending various coupon information to WeChat groups, users can receive commissions after purchasing.

So how exactly should we do it?

1. Register for Taobao Alliance

I just need to go to Baidu for this, no more links, and the registration process is relatively simple. Just register directly with my Taobao or Alipay account.

2. Introduction to gameplay

A. H5 page of Double 11 pre-sale hot item list

Alliance app [popular activity] obtains Taobao passwords for promotion (the list of Double 11 popular products in popular activities is not limited by Taobao level, and can all obtain high commission, which is so annoying!!)

B. Super Red Envelope

Obtain the red envelope password from the alliance and share it with your friends. Everyone receives the Double 11 red envelope through your password, and after the shopping settlement on the same day, you can receive a commission.

C. Welfare funds and welfare red envelopes

Welfare funds and welfare red envelopes are a marketing tool provided by Alibaba Mama to Taobao customers. Taobao customers can recharge and distribute equity items, giving Taobao customers the marketing tool to independently operate fans! Taobao customers can distribute two types of equity items with their investment, one is welfare funds, which is only applicable to Taobao customers' exclusive channels; One type is a universal welfare red envelope for the entire network. If your fans use your red envelope to buy something, you can receive a commission.

D. Hot List Excel Table

This is a must-have technique for Taobao customers in recent years to earn high commissions. A large number of popular products are all in one Excel spreadsheet. You just need to share this spreadsheet with your friends or fans, and they can receive commissions after shopping. The most important thing is that your friends or fans should be able to spread this spreadsheet to their circle of friends, which invisibly has a splitting effect because this kind of thing is quite attractive, Spreading, no need to search all over the place, one spreadsheet contains all the explosive items.

E. Coupon

This is a relatively mainstream promotion form now, and you can see it everywhere. Who doesn't have a few coupon groups?

3. Promotion channels

A. QQ space on Moments

No matter how many friends you have, no matter whether it's a man or a woman, even if you share it on your social circle on Double 11, who won't buy something on Double 11? Of course, the more WeChat friends you have, the more you share, and the more you naturally earn.

B. WeChat group QQ group

If you have a few WeChat or QQ groups in your hand, you can fully utilize them on Double 11. Various red envelope passwords and hot money lists will be sent out, allowing you to make a big profit!

C. Weibo

Weibo Double 11 will inevitably be occupied on the same day, with various coupons, hot list, and red envelope passwords everywhere. Interested parties can take a share.

D. Official account

If you have your own official account, this is a very good promotion channel. Especially, make good use of the red envelope password and the popular EXCEL form. How much you earn depends on how many fans you have. Of course, if you can use packet fission, that is another effect.

E. Other places such as Baidu Zhizhi, Tieba, Interested Tribes, Forums, etc., as long as there is a gathering place, even if used, can be a place to make money on Double 11.